Last Update: 21.07.14
Introduction to Elastic Audio in Pro Tools

POSTED ON – 15.06.14

Welcome to my blog


Welcome to my personal blog here on the SSR Website!

So, what will you see on here from me? My role at SSR Manchester is Head of Audio, which means I help to write and develop the audio courses we deliver here. I am also a certified Avid Pro Tools and Apple Logic instructor, and this blog will be all about sharing some recording and production hints and tricks, keeping you informed with what I am up to here at SSR as a tutor, my work outside of SSR as a professional sound engineer and other projects I am involved with.

Hopefully you will get an insight into the workings of SSR and our course content from a student’s point of view and get a taste of the opportunities and events that myself and my students are involved with.

Importantly, I will also be doing a series of short videos of recording and mixing techniques that you can watch and refer back to, and also some cool insider knowledge regarding editing and mixing in Pro Tools and Logic.

My passion lies with all things music and audio and I will aim to get that passion and love across in my blogs and videos, which will hopefully inspire you and provide a handy resource to help you get started in your own career.

Hope you all enjoy!