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Welcome To My First Blog

POSTED ON – 04.07.14

Welcome To My First Blog

As course leader and tutor for the Music Business and Creative Industries degree at SSR I'll be aiming to write about music business developments and interview industry innovators who you can add to your wish list of people to know, whilst giving you some ideas of who to watch, who to read and who follow plus my tips and tricks of navigating the industry online for free...well, students don't have a lot of disposable income do they?

Here's a start!

The course subscribes to a paid weekly subscription, Music Week, which is the industry breaker of news and we use this publication to discuss with students current and future issues within the industry.

A good website to start with if you are interested in the music industry is Record of the Day.

ROTD is a paid for can sign up for a free two week trial and then when this expires it will send you by email a basic daily summary including their Record of the Day to listen to, gigs to go to, breaking news and jobs!!

(Tip: after inputting your details to the free trail it will take you to a payment section, ignore this. Do not enter card details)

Check your email and you should have confirmation of the free trial.

Of course you can browse the site without signing up of the free trial and the best feature (for me) is you can access the archive of records of the day, where at the bottom it lists the team working on the featured release which includes details of record label, publisher, radio, TV, digital, live and management! Basically the whole team.

Even better... Click on their links and it gives you their email address!!!

This is a good place to discover how a team is made up to promote an artist or band and will give you a good idea of the names of companies, often independents, who you may wish to pursue for a work placement or job.

Also it's good to remember (on the point above) if you are studying music business or more technical courses like live sound or audio engineering, it's important to be well connected. Most people in the industry have been where you are and will be very happy to answer an email with a question or two, but remember to be respectful of how busy they may be, research the person in question so you know their back ground and importantly have something to say about what you are interesting....or make it sound interesting!

I'll be back soon with some more industry news and interviews, hope you found my first post useful!