Last Update: 17.07.14
Live Venue Rebuild

POSTED ON – 17.07.14

Live Venue Rebuild

We recently had a new floor installed in the Live Venue at SSR Manchester as the old one was getting a bit tatty. The new floor is hard wearing and should stand up to plenty of abuse from the moving of chairs, tables and equipment that happens from time to time.

In order to install the new floor we had to strip out all the gear, including the FOH mixing consoles, stage monitor desk and backline equipment.

When everything had been removed it was quite strange down there, all empty and reverberant.

Big thanks to Jimbo, Nick, Matt from SSR and my students Will, John Paul and Baldur for all their help getting everything out and back in again. I’m really pleased with how it's turned out, the room looks and sounds great and feels much more spacious somehow.

Check out the timelapse video below to see us scurrying around like ants putting the venue back together once the floor had been installed. Pretty cool!