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A Look Back At My 2014 Releases
SSR Manchester - Damion O'Brien, Technician

POSTED ON – 17.07.14

First blog for SSR

Hi there,

Welcome to my first blog post for SSR!

I shall be writing blogs on everything Electronic Music including tips & techniques, useful industry advice and how I’m active in the business.

Including a few elements of what I teach, these blogs will give you a taster of the Electronic Music Production and BA (Hons) Electronic Music & DJ Practice courses.

I’m currently working on an eclectic mix of genres under various aliases including house, drum & bass, techno, electronica, dub, instrumental guitar and band projects as well as collaboration work, remixes and music licensing. If you want to check out any of my music, head over to my website:

See you in the next blog...

Damion O'Brien

POSTED ON – 15.12.14

A Look Back At My 2014 Releases

POSTED ON – 28.07.14

Alpinestars Guest Lecture

POSTED ON – 28.07.14

My Latest Afferent Release

POSTED ON – 28.07.14

Useful Websites

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Advice About Remixing

POSTED ON – 17.07.14

First blog for SSR

Damion is part of SSR's IT and resources team, helping keep our computer systems and other equipment up-to-date and operational. He specialises in audio and media software.

He also produces a range of electronic sounds as The Music of Damion O'Brien, with aliases including,
  • Designer Thumbs [Electronica- VICE]
  • Cassini Division [House, Nu Disco- Adro Records, Trippy Code Records, Happy Days Records]
  • Afferent [Drum & Bass & Jungle- Everything Bass Records]
  • The Dark Matter [Techno & Tech- Antarctic Records, Adro Records]
He also has previous experience as a freelance producer, live sound engineer, session musician & electronic music production tutor.