Damion O'Brien
Last Update: 15.12.14
A Look Back At My 2014 Releases
SSR Manchester - Damion O'Brien, Technician

POSTED ON – 28.07.14

Useful Websites

The internet is full of handy information for DJs, musicians and producers so I thought it would be good to share some useful links that anyone interested in electronic music production might find helpful.

Feel free to add your own in the Facebook comments below.



KVR Audio: A database of the latest plugins for every DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) including reviews, commercial and free releases

Beatport: A large resource of new electronic music, DJ mixes, remixes and sample packs

Juno Records: One of the largest online record shops specialising in electronic music of various genres

SoundCloud: A platform for artists new and commercial to showcase their material. They have both free and subscribed accounts

Mixcloud: A platform for all DJs to showcase their mixes. A track listing shows what tracks are in the mix and links to where they can be purchased

Remix Comps: An online resource for finding and entering remix competitions

Resident Advisor:  An online magazine for electronic musicians & DJs with info on releases, venue dates and dj and artist information

Gear Slutz: A forum all about the latest music equipment and tips.

Production Advice: Get some short, handy hints straight to your inbox!

Music Tech Tutorials: A collection of tutorial videos from around the web 

Sound Collabs: Find musicians to collaborate with on your next project.

Music Marketing: A blog all about how to begin selling and marketing your music

Massive Synth Tutorials: Tutorials for Native Instruments products and software

Who Sampled: Find out the samples used for a particular track

Discogs: An online database of commercial music with a marketplace for tracking down that elusive extended 12" version with that drum break on it.

Damion O'Brien

POSTED ON – 15.12.14

A Look Back At My 2014 Releases

POSTED ON – 28.07.14

Alpinestars Guest Lecture

POSTED ON – 28.07.14

My Latest Afferent Release

POSTED ON – 28.07.14

Useful Websites

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Advice About Remixing

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First blog for SSR

Damion heads up our Electronic Music Production course and is also part of SSR's IT and resources team, helping keep our computer systems and other equipment up-to-date and operational.

He produces an eclectic range of commercially released music with aliases including;
  • Designer Thumbs (Itchycoo Records - Electronica)
  • Cassini Division (Wireless Music Records, Happy Days Records, Soundkraft Records - House)
  • Afferent (Itchycoo Records, HDP Records-Drum & Bass & Jungle)
  • The Dark Matter (Itchycoo Records-Techno)
  • Moetucker (solo guitar project)
  • Pasco Instrumental (Instrumental guitar)
  • Krane Dub (Itchycoo Records, HDP Records - Dubtronica /Reggae)

Damo has albums, EPs and singles featured on Beatport, Juno, iTunes & Spotify as well as cd & vinyl releases.

His music has also been featured in DJ sets, compilation albums, films, computer games, television, radio and adverts. He has experience working as a producer, live engineer and session musician. He plays guitar, bass guitar, keys and vocals.