Last Update: 28.07.14
Alpinestars Guest Lecture

POSTED ON – 28.07.14

My Latest Afferent Release

I release Drum & Bass & Jungle records under my Afferent alias. Here’s my latest EP released this week on HDP Records, check it out in the SoundCloud player below.

Drum & Bass tempos can vary, but will often be placed between 160 and 180 BPM. I tend to write between 170 to 175 BPM.

Styles can vary with this genre from the harder, heavier styles on labels such as Ram Records and Viper  Recordings with DJs/Artists like Andy C, DJ Hazzard, DJ Hype etc to the more chilled ‘Liquid’ material - LTJ Bukem, S.P.Y., Random Movement, High Contrast, etc.

There are also artists like Break mixing the two styles together. This is something I like doing as it gives the soft to hard impact changes in song structure which is always fun.

All genres are taught on EMP & BA (Hons) EM & DJ Practice but if Drum & Bass is your thing check my latest links.