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Introducing myself and the SSR Radio Production course

POSTED ON – 30.07.14

Introducing myself and the SSR Radio Production course

Well, with the Summer Hols starting, I thought I would get the Blog ball rolling as we approach the start of the Radio Production course at SSR.

Being a bit of a newbie here, I am still finding my way around the building (and on occasion, getting lost!), but I will get the hang of it in time, although you might learn it faster than me.

Having been in the commercial radio industry since my teens, there’s not a lot of stuff I haven’t heard of, learnt about or done myself, so you’re with a safe pair of hands as you start your journey with us.

The radio business continues to change/evolve – some say for the better, others say not. One thing is for certain; there are more radio stations out there than ever before, so the question for you is ‘where do I fit in?’

From behind the mic, to in front of it, whether your creative flair is to produce it or broadcast it, I look forward to helping you through the fun world of the radio business, a place where you’ll actually love to go to work, because no day is ever the same.

I hope to encourage and develop your talent over the period of the course – and we’ll also be meeting industry experts too who will help you gain more experience.

You can take a look at what I do and hear some of my work at my website and if you have any questions, please drop me an email to and I’d be happy to help!

For Radio Industry News, try the following sites, which are always a good source of info and comment: and

Catch up soon!



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