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Twisted Tubes Session

POSTED ON – 20.10.14

Recording Tracks For Record Store Day

Over the weekend two of my Audio Engineering students, Kesh Savani and Sara De Clara, assisted 808 State’s Graham Massey in engineering a session for the band Crispy Ambulance.

LTM Recordings, the label behind the session, are planning on releasing one of the tracks as a limited 7” for Record Store Day in 2015, so this was great experience for the students.

Crispy Ambulance formed in Manchester in 1977, eventually teaming up with producer Martin Hannett, got signed to Factory Records and recorded a live session for John Peel at the BBC.

The session took place in Spirit Studio here at SSR Manchester and by all accounts was a great success.

I can’t wait to hear the finished tracks and see the 7” on the shelves during Record Store Day next year.

Big thanks to Sara and Kesh for assisting, and to the band and Graham Massey for getting in touch with SSR to organise the session.

Check out the LTM Recordings website for more information on the label, including a great section on Robs Records and some Spirit Studios/SSR history that mentions myself and some of the artists I have engineered and produced!

Sara & Kesh pictured with Graham Massey (left) in the studio SSR  - Recording Tracks For Record Store Day