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Listen to music

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Listen to music

Hello everyone!

My name is Jonathan Espinosa, SSR London Head of Audio, AVID Protools Instructor and freelance music producer and sound engineer.

I started working professionally in the industry 17 years ago, and since I have acquired a lot of experience based on many clients I worked with and learnt from as well as lots of research that I have done myself in the past and continue to do nowadays.

So I will be sharing with you lots of interesting stuff, from analysis of current trends to recording, mixing and mastering techniques among other things related to music.

My first tip to give you, if you really want to become a real producer and sound engineer, is simply this:

Listen to music and learn from it!

Analyse those productions that you really admire and ask yourself what is it that you like that record so much - this is the foundation of what we call "Critical Listening".

I do have my favourite bands and music genres BUT you really need to exercise your ears and listen everything from Britney Spears to jazz, funk, electro, acoustic, hard rock, minimal, cinematic, pop...detach from the artist and thoughts and judge those productions with a critical ear and exercise it!

You go to the gym to exercise your muscles to become fitter and improve your body strength,  so do the same with your ears but without going to the gym!

And the best thing, you can do this anywhere at any time - it is a never ending experience from which we base our sonic boundaries and conceptions of music.

Open up your mind and listen! SSR  - Listen to music


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