The Power Of Networking
Ian Carmichael
Academic Director
Last Update: 02.12.14
The Power Of Networking
SSR Manchester - Ian Carmichael, Academic Director

POSTED ON – 02.12.14

The Power Of Networking

All through my career I’ve found that nearly every job I’ve ever had has come from connections and knowing people. Even now it still happens. That’s why it’s important to treat EVERY job with a professional outlook – you never know where it might lead. Every job, if you do it well enough, can lead to more work, so it’s important to make a good impression with everything you do, no matter how small or insignificant, and with the attitude you have while you’re doing it.

Recently I worked with San Francisco songwriter Matt Alber to help him with some recordings on his latest album, and so when he needed some guitar recording for a new project he called me to ask if I could do it; his friend Tom Goss happened to be in Manchester and could play the part. Unfortunately Matt was calling from Eastern Europe where he was on tour and I was on holiday in the Netherlands, so the session couldn’t take place. However, throughout all of the email exchanges between us, Tom Goss asked if he could hear some of my music. He then asked me if I’d be interested in doing a remix for a Remix EP of tracks from his new album.

My old art teacher at school once said, ‘life is just a succession of doorways and all of them are opportunities; never close the doors!

‘Wait’ by Tom Goss is already available:


I'm pleased to share the news that the remix EP has now been released via iTunes and features two of my remixes for the project. If you want to check out the tracks i worked on and remixes by other artists, you can preview and purchase the EP by clicking here.

SSR  - The Power Of Networking

Ian Carmichael

POSTED ON – 02.12.14

The Power Of Networking

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Working With The Orchids

Ian joined SSR after 20 years’ experience in the music industry. His career started in the nightclubs of Glasgow where he mixed for live acts such as Bronski Beat, John Martyn and BB King. He then built his own recording and video studio in Glasgow, and by the early 90s had recorded with Pet Shop Boys, Texas, Wet Wet Wet, Del Amitri, and The Shamen.

Ian’s own band One Dove released 5 singles (two top 40) and a top 30 album; they appeared on Top of the Pops and toured Europe and America, where they reached the Billboard Top 10 dance charts. He then went on to be a successful producer and remixer, and also recorded albums for Manchester band Lamb.

Ian is still occasionally found in the studio producing and remixing, and in the past 3 years has produced two albums for Glasgow band The Orchids.