Aaron Turner
Course Leader - Electronic Music Production Diploma
Last Update: 13.05.15
Radio Production Course Re-cap
SSR Manchester - Aaron Turner, Course Leader - Electronic Music Production Diploma

POSTED ON – 05.12.14

Our New Radio Studio


Our new Radio Studio is ready to go and it's timely because we have just inducted a new group of students on the course back at the start of November - and what a lovely group they are!

What both I and Simon Peel (my Radio tutor colleague) wanted to see with the studio, was an environment that looks, feels and has all the technical ability of a radio studio - and I believe this is what has been created. So it's been a few months coming, but was definitely worth the wait!

We've got some fantastic radio expert Masterclasses planned over the next few months, along with visits that I hope will really give our new students an eye opener into the kind of things they can expect when they hit the big time (notice there, I didn't say 'if'...!).

One thing I am a great believer of is going for your dreams and work goals in life. After all, we are all only here for a short while and you have to make the most of it.

So, with that in mind, I'd like to share this with you... the story of a guy called Jay Britton who is (now) a Voiceover Artist (or Voice Actor) and he was given an incredible opportunity to fulfil a career ambition...take a look here - I hope you feel as inspired as the people I have played this to already: 

In this business, you're only as good as your last make every day count!

We will have a full image gallery and tech spec run down of the radio studio on the website very shortly, but for now here's another pic to keep you going until then... SSR  - Our New Radio Studio

Aaron Turner

POSTED ON – 13.05.15

Radio Production Course Re-cap

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Passing On Experience

POSTED ON – 17.03.15

Is The Loudness War Over?

POSTED ON – 05.12.14

Our New Radio Studio

Aaron Turner is an Ableton Live specialist who has been producing electronic music since his early teens, and is currently part of an electronic music duo called ‘Perfume Advert’. Since 2013 they have had album, EP and remix releases on a number of independent record labels including: 1080p, Opal Tapes, Where To Now?, videogamemusic and Cong Burn. As part of this project, Aaron has performed at various international events and festivals including: Boiler Room, MUTEK Montreal, FreeRotation, Incubate and The Zoo Project Festival UK.

Since moving to Manchester Aaron has forged working relationships with several venues and promoters including Soup Kitchen and Islington Mill and has also spent time employed within a successful Salford based booking agency, who work with a strong roster of electronic artists such as Lee Gamble, Bill Kouligas and Russell Haswell.

Aaron has a passion for improvised musical performance and spends much of his free time devising innovative performance & production strategies inside (and outside) of the Ableton Live software. His experimental solo musical venture, ‘Anxiety Support Group’, has also had several releases, and he has already begun showcasing these ambient soundscapes in a live context across venues in Manchester.