Chappers (New Order) in the House
Jay Beard
Head of Live Sound
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On Tour With Elbow: Another Sunrise With My Sad Captains
SSR Manchester - Jay Beard, Head of Live Sound

POSTED ON – 09.12.14

Chappers (New Order) in the House

I was really proud to have my old buddy Tom Chapman (Chappers), New Order’s bass player in the Charlie Jones Venue this week. He was rehearsing for a gig with his side project, Rubber Bear. Chappers is in the band with Steve Trafford who is also an old friend of mine, and in fact one of the songs they were rehearsing was first recorded possibly 20 years ago by me in the studio I used to co-own back then.

This was of course a great opportunity for some students to gain experience of a professional band, so I drafted in some third year Studio & Live Music Production students. Will was mixing the band’s monitors and doing both IEMs and wedges. Sammy was in charge of the stage mic’ing and quickly got to work patching up a 24 channel list. Janus was helping me at FoH running Pro Tools for the live recordings and keeping an eye on the mix, while I made notes on the song BPMs and reverb times.

The session went really well and everyone was pleased with the results. Tom texted me afterwards and said how professional he felt the students were, and asked if they would like to help out at the gig.

Rubber Bear are playing at the Eagle Inn, Salford on the 18th Dec and I’m doing FoH for them, so bob on down if you can! SSR  - Chappers (New Order) in the House

Jay Beard

POSTED ON – 19.06.15

On Tour With Elbow: Another Sunrise With My Sad Captains

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Chappers (New Order) in the House

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Tom Chapman raves about his student crew.

Jay is SSR’s Head of Live Sound and joined the school after 10 years on the road as a touring live sound engineer. He has travelled the world many times over, working for top bands such as Doves, Elbow and Snow Patrol, gaining a vast experience of live sound engineering, event production and touring.

Using his well-established connections and contacts within the industry, Jay is able to stay abreast of the technical advancements taking place in the industry and set up numerous guest lectures and site visits to major venues and festivals for our students. Previous production tours and sound check experiences have included Elbow, Slayer, Marilyn Manson, Kate Nash, Westlife and Girls Aloud at a variety of venues including the MEN Arena, Manchester Central and Manchester Academy.

Jay was one of the first people in the world to become an Avid Certified Venue Operator and Instructor, enabling him to deliver official Avid training on the D-Show live mixing console housed at SSR.

Jay brings his vast experience of live sound to SSR students, giving them a real world insight into the workings of this fast changing industry. He has brought some great guest lecturers into SSR and has helped many of our students get their first jobs in the industry.

Jay is still active within the live events industry, enjoying helping up-and-coming bands with their stage productions and helping local music festivals and community enterprises get off the ground.

If you require any advice on live sound or music for an event, feel free to get in touch!