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A Look Back At My 2014 Releases
SSR Manchester - Damion O'Brien, Technician

POSTED ON – 15.12.14

A Look Back At My 2014 Releases

2014 was highly eventful for me primarily due to becoming a Dad for the first time, but I also managed to squeeze in a productive year of music. If you want to hear what I did over the year under my various aliases, here it is.

Cassini Division

Cassini Division

This year I released a few EPs and singles as Cassini Division with a vocal house/garage sound. I enjoy writing and listening to a variety of house styles, but this year I gravitated towards the deep, full sound of Fender Rhodes Mark 1 for stabs and chords, Mini Moog V and B4 organs for leads and bass lines, and cutting up and manipulating garage-styled vocal a cappellas for a final mid line in the mix.

Feeling Love EP [Happy Days Records]
No Response EP [Go Jam Audio]  
Pressure Cooker [Happy Days Records]
Positive Attraction EP [Happy Days Records]
Nobody Does It EP [Happy Days Records]
Deeper & Deeper [Baccara]
We Had The Disco [Muenchen]
Get The Feeling In Your Soul EP [Itchycoo Records]
A Deeper Reality EP [Itchycoo Records]  


I concentrated on a more liquid style of drum & bass this year with a few EP and remix releases. I personally enjoy writing both laidback and heavier styles, so I usually separate tracks according to style on EPs of 3 tracks or so for label release.

Hidden Lifetime Memories EP [Go Jam Audio] 
Denied EP [HDP Records]
Dark Energy [Dirty Freud Remix] Part of Dirty Freud collaboration project
Game of Tones EP
Every Night & Every Day EP [Itchycoo Records]
NN Face –Acid Kidz (Afferent -9 remix) [HDP Records]
Going Down EP [HDP records]

The Dark Matter
The Dark Matter

A move to a different label and an EP of solid techno/tech sound this year: on later tracks I used a slower pace than usual with some tracks at 120-122 BPM. For techno I like long, sustained drones and industrial beats. I have favoured using some royalty free old film samples to create a bit of an edgy atmosphere.

Hunted EP [HDR Limit]
The Dark Matter Set 2014 [Mixed DJ Set of latest Dark Matter Tracks]

Designer Thumbs
Designer Thumbs

Early in the year I had an electronica EP released. ‘Ride the Yoghurt Pot’ was then licensed as the theme for some VICE documentaries. Finally I concentrated on a third studio album of ambient electronica released this month. I like to use classic sounding synths such as the CS80v and ambient drones in Kontakt. I also often record my own bass guitar and guitar parts, and use royalty free old film samples to add character.

Machined To Last [Album]
Ride The Yoghurt Pot [licensed as theme for a set of VICE documentaries]
Whizzing Through Time & Space [Dirty Freud Remix]
The Monochrome Maze EP [Itchycoo Records]
Nice blog about Designer Thumbs on LowResContemplation by overscan68000 

Krane Dub
Krane Dub

Three dubtronic/reggae EPs were released. I was happy to remix a track for SSR student Harry Critchley’s Deadbeatz Records, with all proceeds going to Cancer Research UK.

This year I have gone for a more chilled, dub electronic/reggae sound; plenty of dub delays and old reggae and dub vocals. I like big dubstep styled breaks to go along with this with my influences coming from artists such as Burial and Box Cutter, Kitachi & The Specials.

N.E.R.D Hidden Redub [Deadbeatz Records]
Dusk Till Dusk EP [HDP Records]
High Grade EP [HDP Records]
He’s Armed EP [Itchycoo Records] 

Pasco Instrumental

pasco Instrumental
I released a second instrumental guitar studio album earlier this year. I usually record guitars and bass guitar to start and mix analogue drums with electronic drum programming, drones and electronic sounds, with influences in sound coming from post rock such as God Is An Astronaut, Mogwai & Explosions In The Sky, as well as the spacey shoegaze ‘wall of sound’ style.

A Chimerical Plan- Pasco Instrumental (Album)


So, Happy Christmas to everyone at SSR and here’s to another year of music making, music listening and sound learning!

Damo SSR  - A Look Back At My 2014 Releases

Damion O'Brien

POSTED ON – 15.12.14

A Look Back At My 2014 Releases

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Damion heads up our Electronic Music Production course and is also part of SSR's IT and resources team, helping keep our computer systems and other equipment up-to-date and operational.

He produces an eclectic range of commercially released music with aliases including;
  • Designer Thumbs (Itchycoo Records - Electronica)
  • Cassini Division (Wireless Music Records, Happy Days Records, Soundkraft Records - House)
  • Afferent (Itchycoo Records, HDP Records-Drum & Bass & Jungle)
  • The Dark Matter (Itchycoo Records-Techno)
  • Moetucker (solo guitar project)
  • Pasco Instrumental (Instrumental guitar)
  • Krane Dub (Itchycoo Records, HDP Records - Dubtronica /Reggae)

Damo has albums, EPs and singles featured on Beatport, Juno, iTunes & Spotify as well as cd & vinyl releases.

His music has also been featured in DJ sets, compilation albums, films, computer games, television, radio and adverts. He has experience working as a producer, live engineer and session musician. He plays guitar, bass guitar, keys and vocals.