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SSR Manchester - Aaron Turner, Course Leader - Electronic Music Production Diploma

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Passing On Experience

As I often do, I’ve been pondering education in sound engineering and what it is that teachers actually do for their students.

Teachers serve two primary purposes – the teaching of facts and techniques, and the passing on of experience.

Clearly the teaching of facts and techniques is vital, so I won’t dwell on that. I will, on the other hand, be dwelling on the passing on of experience.

When it comes to a subject like Audio Engineering, facts and techniques are only half the game. It’s the personal experience, hard won through trial, error, conscious experimentation, accidental experimentation, brutal failure and glorious success, that is the real treasure that teachers have to offer, and which contributes so much to continuous evolution of human knowledge. SSR and SoulSound understand how important this is and as well as including this in their courses, are also collaborating on a series of video tutorials and webinars which will help students learn from people who have been in the industry for many years. 

When you watch, for example, the marvellous Marcel van Limbeek in full flow (see video below), you can’t help but be drawn in.

The knowledge that is so fascinating to receive is not the fact that the U87 has switchable polar patterns. Its the intimacy of knowledge that Marcel has of this mic that makes you understand not only the mic itself, but also years of accumulated knowledge about when and how to deploy it to it’s best purpose. It’s one of those times you don’t know how much you don’t know until someone starts speaking about it and a whole new layer of understanding is opened up to you.

Experience is naturally gathered over time, which is why many people start doing a bit of teaching here and there later in their careers. They feel that having had a whole career behind them they now have knowledge worth sharing. And they do so generously.

And by experience I don’t just mean experience of where to put the mic and how to work with gain structure, but also of the lifestyle and what it’s like to be working in the top end of music production and touring. Having access to people like this also shows you that it is entirely possible to have a successful career in the audio industry – and can help you visualise exactly what it is you want out of your own career. If you don’t know what your dream looks like, it is all that more difficult to pursue. That’s why people like Marcel and Jonathan Espinosa are so fantastic to learn from. They have lived the life of a sound engineer and they know.

So that’s what we at Soulsound and SSR are trying to achieve – the passing on of facts, techniques and above all, experience.

Words of Wisdom

Here are a few examples of things that only come through experience...

Marcel van Limbeek on Recording Tori Amos’ Piano & his Favourite Effects
Justin Greal on Life On The Road & Stage Turds 

Jon Burton on Making It Louder in the Milton Keynes Bowl & Guitar Tips For Recording And Live

Darryn de la Soul on Getting A Foot In The Door & Setting Yourself Up For Success As A Freelancer

Vocal Recording Mastercalass

Marcel van Limbeek brings his remarkable recording experience and his clear understanding of physics to bear in this excellent Vocal Recording Masterclass. In Part One, Marcel talks in detail about his personal favourite vocal mics, and his love for each one of them is evident in his passionate descriptions of them and when he might choose to use them.

The microphones under discussion must be amongst most sound engineers’ dream collection: Shure SM58, Neumann U87, Sony C37A (Frank Sinatra’s favourite!), Neumann U67 and the Schoeps Colette with MK4 capsule.

Recording Vocals with Marcel Van Limbeek - Part 1 from on Vimeo.

PLASA Focus Leeds – 12th & 13th May

If you’re planning to be at the utterly lovely PLASA Focus in Leeds (everyone’s favourite Trade Show) come and meet us on stand R-E06, and find us for most of the day delivering seminars in the Bury Theatre.

Register for the event free here 

And check out the Professional Development Seminar Programme here

Aaron Turner

POSTED ON – 13.05.15

Radio Production Course Re-cap

POSTED ON – 06.05.15

Passing On Experience

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Is The Loudness War Over?

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Aaron Turner is an Ableton Live specialist who has been producing electronic music since his early teens, and is currently part of an electronic music duo called ‘Perfume Advert’. Since 2013 they have had album, EP and remix releases on a number of independent record labels including: 1080p, Opal Tapes, Where To Now?, videogamemusic and Cong Burn. As part of this project, Aaron has performed at various international events and festivals including: Boiler Room, MUTEK Montreal, FreeRotation, Incubate and The Zoo Project Festival UK.

Since moving to Manchester Aaron has forged working relationships with several venues and promoters including Soup Kitchen and Islington Mill and has also spent time employed within a successful Salford based booking agency, who work with a strong roster of electronic artists such as Lee Gamble, Bill Kouligas and Russell Haswell.

Aaron has a passion for improvised musical performance and spends much of his free time devising innovative performance & production strategies inside (and outside) of the Ableton Live software. His experimental solo musical venture, ‘Anxiety Support Group’, has also had several releases, and he has already begun showcasing these ambient soundscapes in a live context across venues in Manchester.