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Course Leader - Electronic Music Production Diploma
Last Update: 13.05.15
Radio Production Course Re-cap
SSR Manchester - Aaron Turner, Course Leader - Electronic Music Production Diploma

POSTED ON – 13.05.15

Radio Production Course Re-cap

Well, what a fantastically rewarding course it’s been in 2014/15!

Considering it was the first Radio Production course for both myself and fellow tutor Simon Peel, the student feedback has been great and we have had success (yay!) helping to get one of our students into an internship with Global Radio at her favourite radio station XFM, along with introductions to other media organisations.

For me as a tutor, the real satisfaction has come from seeing a group of people flourish and develop a flair for radio production, realising a little more, the areas that they feel they will excel in, whether behind the microphone or in front of it.

It was a real team effort and both Simon and I appreciate the input and help from the office team here at SSR and several Industry experts, the roll call of which includes:
  • Joel Ross and Jordan Hemingway from Heart North West
  • Libby Willis and Andrew Bowman from BBC Radio Manchester
  • Andrew Fletcher from Fletch Media
  • Karl Svenson from Tadah Media
  • Chris Marsden from Definitive Media
  • Darren Altman – Voiceover
  • Glenn Pinder from KVH Media
  • Alex Healey and the team at Bolton FM
  • Paul Fernley at ReelWorld
To be able to call upon fellow ex-colleagues who I have worked with over the years is invaluable and that’s why I am sure that this knowledge and expertise really does invigorate students to want to go for it and aim high as they make career choices.

SSR Radio students at Bolton FM

SSR Radio students meet Joel Ross (second left) from Heart North West

SSR Radio students meet Paul Fernley (far right) at ReelWorld

The last six months has been fun and it’s been a pleasure to see the potential in students and help to bring that to the fore; after all, it takes an expert ear to spot something that a student might never have thought of as being of value.

The next course starts in September and I hope if you’re reading this, you will come along to one of the SSR Open Days or Evenings to see more about what we do. There’s a fantastic radio studio to utlilise and also give you additional experience out of normal course times.

Whether you are a budding radio presenter, have a flair as a show producer, or would love to make great radio creative/commercials, this course will add to your skills toolkit and I am certain you will come away from the course with fresh ideas and knowledge. Plus, we always have a laugh along the way! What’s important to me, is that you get as much practical experience as possible and aren’t bogged down with paperwork, so we tend to keep that to a minimum.

For more info on the course please click here - SSR Radio Production Course

If you have any questions in the meantime, please feel free to drop me an email

‘Cans’ at the ready! (they’re your headphones by the way!)

We look forward to seeing you soon…


Aaron Turner

POSTED ON – 13.05.15

Radio Production Course Re-cap

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Our New Radio Studio

Aaron Turner is an Ableton Live specialist who has been producing electronic music since his early teens, and is currently part of an electronic music duo called ‘Perfume Advert’. Since 2013 they have had album, EP and remix releases on a number of independent record labels including: 1080p, Opal Tapes, Where To Now?, videogamemusic and Cong Burn. As part of this project, Aaron has performed at various international events and festivals including: Boiler Room, MUTEK Montreal, FreeRotation, Incubate and The Zoo Project Festival UK.

Since moving to Manchester Aaron has forged working relationships with several venues and promoters including Soup Kitchen and Islington Mill and has also spent time employed within a successful Salford based booking agency, who work with a strong roster of electronic artists such as Lee Gamble, Bill Kouligas and Russell Haswell.

Aaron has a passion for improvised musical performance and spends much of his free time devising innovative performance & production strategies inside (and outside) of the Ableton Live software. His experimental solo musical venture, ‘Anxiety Support Group’, has also had several releases, and he has already begun showcasing these ambient soundscapes in a live context across venues in Manchester.