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Whether your ideal job is recording bands in a studio, doing live sound at a big festival, mixing, designing the sound for your favourite TV show or producing your own music, our Music Production and Sound Engineering course, available in Jakarta & Manchester, is the course for you. It will give you the freedom to specialise in any or all of the key areas of Music Production and Sound Engineering that will guarantee you the confidence, knowledge and technical prowess of a working professional.

Formerly known as Audio Engineering Techniques & Technology, we have recently modernised the course content and industry focus to create what is our flagship advanced diploma course in Music Production & Sound Engineering.

With practical rather than academic focus, the majority of your assessments are based on the work produced in our studios, Mac suites and live venue, rather than on laborious essays and exams.


The Music Production & Sound Engineering course is fully customisable to suit your needs. Content, location and duration are all dependent on the module options you choose.

The course is made up of five 6-month modules;
  • Introduction to Music Production
  • Applied Sound Engineering
  • Studio Production & Mastering
  • Sound for Film, Games & TV
  • Live Sound Engineering
Flexibility is key - you can choose any selection of these modules you wish depending on your skills level and chosen field. Your choice determines the content and duration of the course.

All of the modules are available as stand-alone six month courses and if you meet the entry requirements, you can jump straight into a more advanced module and skip the things you already know.

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Please view the module overviews below for further information.

Introduction to Music Production
Duration: 6 months

Just starting out? This module is designed to teach you all the fundamentals of music production and sound engineering techniques with recording and mixing in the studio. Even if you have some experience already, you can still build on your existing knowledge in microphone theory and studio signal routing from industry experts. You’ll also gain official industry-recognised certification in Pro Tools, and have the option for Logic Pro X certification too.

Basic studio principles
Basic sound wave theory, phase, decibels, digital audio theory, mixing consoles, MIDI, Patch bays, cables & connectors, signal routing, studio monitoring and foldback, studio maintenance

Recording and mixing
Microphone principles and stereo techniques, recording aspects, multi-tracking, frequencies and equalizers, compressors noise gates, limiters and expanders, drum recording, recording a full band, mixing techniques, mixing process overview .

Music Production
Avid Pro Tools 101, Logic Pro X, modulation based effects (e.g. flanger, chorus, phaser) time based effects (reverb, delays), drum programming, comping and editing techniques, loop manipulation, varispeed and time-stretching.

Professional values
Recording session procedures, communication with artists, critical listening and studio attitude.

Applied Sound Engineering
Duration: 6 months

So you know the basics and want to further your career or just feed your passion?

This module will help you to apply your knowledge and skills in a professional way to a range of applications within sound engineering. As we introduce you to live sound engineering and audio post production, you’ll broaden your understanding of other career pathways available. You’ll also access more advanced studios equipped with both analogue and digital mixing consoles, improve your music production skills, and take your official industry-recognised certification to the next level with Avid Pro Tools 110.

Studio recording and mixing
Analogue and digital mixing consoles, control surfaces, automation, further microphone techniques, mixing on the desk and in the box, HD level Pro Tools systems

Applied Sound Engineering (London)
Avid Pro Tools 110, synthesis with Native Instruments plugins (Massive, FM8, Kontakt), vocal tuning and effects with Melodyne, Beat Detective, Sound Replacer, critical listening, audio post production, Foley recording, sound effects

Applied Sound Engineering (Manchester)
Avid Pro Tools 110, vocal tuning and effects with Melodyne, Beat Detective, Sound Replacer, critical listening, Live sound industry, front of house and monitor engineering, audio post production, Foley recording, sound effects

Studio Production & Mastering
Duration: 6 months

Here is where you become a recording and mixing pro by developing your critical ear and perfecting your engineering skills with more challenging projects in our top level studios. And since you have the ability to produce that perfect mix, it’s time to be the master of mastering.

This module provides you with the secret ingredients to produce work to the highest commercial standards across all music genres, including classical, and will coach you with insightful career advice on how to live the dream as a professional studio engineer.

Advanced studio recording and mixing
Signal flow in Analogue and digital mixing consoles, further recording techniques (including strings, brass), advanced mixing techniques, analogue tape recording, multi tracking techniques, stems mixing, Avid Pro Tools 201 certification, live to stereo recording.

Red book and DDP standards, limiting, advance compression techniques and multiband compression, new metering standards LUFS, active and passive EQ’s, Mid Side processing, stem mastering, compiling audio CD’s and preparing masters for internet formats and downloads, MP3 conversion and lossless formats.

Professional practice
Acoustics, psychoacoustics, entrepreneurial skills, studio practical sessions, copyright and marketing, PRS, online publishing

Live Sound Engineering
Duration: 6 months
Currently only available in Manchester & Jakarta

From Glastonbury to any underground venue, while all eyes are on the stage, there’s an engineer working to make the show sound great. This is true for any event relying on sound reinforcement: theatre, corporate events, exhibitions and large scale sporting events. It won’t sound good without a skilled professional engineer. And before the band gets anywhere close to the stage, someone has to think about designing that PA system. The job of the live sound engineer is as important as that of anyone on stage.

Live sound isn’t a job; it’s a lifestyle. And here’s where you learn it.

PA design
PA system components, mains distribution and supply, prediction software and spectrum analysis,

Live sound
Mixing consoles, microphones and mic placement, front of house mixing, stage monitoring, in-ear monitors, radio systems, live processing and effects, live recording

Professional practice
British Health & Safety Council accreditation, Pro Tools 210V certification, communication and networking

Sound for Film, Games & TV
Duration: 6 months

Ever wondered who creates the sound effects for video games, or those creepy footsteps that terrify you in a horror film? They’re the work of the audio post production engineer. Welcome to the world of the Foley Artist, the Dubbing Editor and the Sound Designer…and if you thought mixing music was fun, then you‘ll love the challenge of mixing soundscapes and atmospheres, voice-overs and special effects, all to broadcast standards.

Developed in conjunction with leading post production companies and professionals, our Sound for Film, Games & TV module will give you the skills to create, mix and edit sound for all forms of visual media.

Audio Post Production Techniques
Transfers, Formats and Settings, Foley recording and editing, Location sound, Dialogue recording and editing, Automated dialogue replacement (ADR), ADR editing and mixing, Voice-overs, Sound Effects design, Tracklaying, Shortform, Surround sound mixing and encoding, Mixing automation, M&E mixes and stems, Mixing for Broadcast, creating soundscapes

Contextual Study
Psychoacoustics and spatial perception, industry and broadcast standards, critical listening

Professional Practice
Pro Tools HD Systems, Pro Tools 201/210P certification, delivery specifications, professional development

Qualification – SSR Industry or Advanced Diploma, Pro Tools 101, 110, 201, 210P, 210V, Apple Certified Pro - Logic Pro X. All qualifications dependent on your choice of modules.
Duration – 6, 12, 18, 24 or 30 months
Mode of Study – Part Time
Time of Study – Evening
Available atJakarta

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Hours of Study – 6 hours of delivery per week plus studio time.
Start Date – Sept 2018
Entry Requirements – No formal qualifications required.
Tuition Fees – Please contact us for more information.
Funding – Please contact us for more information.
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