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Ever wondered who creates the sound effects for video games, or those creepy footsteps that terrify you in a horror film? They’re the work of the audio post production engineer. Welcome to the world of the Foley Artist, the Dubbing Editor and the Sound Designer…and if you thought mixing music was fun, then you‘ll love the challenge of mixing soundscapes and atmospheres, voice-overs and special effects, all to broadcast standards.

Developed in conjunction with leading post production companies and professionals, our Sound for Film, Games & TV course, delivered in Manchester and London, will give you the skills to create, mix and edit sound for all forms of visual media.

  • Psychoacoustics and spatial perception
  • Foley recording and editing 
  • Location sound 
  • ADR and voice-over recording 
  • Transfers and formats 
  • Tracklay and stems 
  • Sound effects design 
  • 5.1 surround sound mixing 
  • Industry standards and mixing for broadcast 
  • Pro Tools 201 or 210P accreditation
This course is available as this stand alone 6 month course or as an advance module in our Music Production & Sound Engineering course.

In order to take this as a stand-alone course you will need some prior experience and knowledge of audio engineering including Pro Tools certification up to 110 level. Depending on your current certification level, Pro Tools 201 or 210p certification is included within the course. We also have a Pro Tools/Audio Post Production package deal to get you up to speed.

Please contact us to discuss this if you are unsure.
Qualification – SSR Advanced Diploma and Pro Tools 201 or 210P Certification; depending on your current Pro Tools certification.
Duration – 6 Months
Mode of Study – Part Time
Time of Study – Evening
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Sound for Film, Games & TV
Sound Engineering
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What our students say -

"I would just like to say thank you for everything you and all the staff at SSR have done for me over the duration of the course. I really enjoyed my time there, and feel I have gained great professional knowledge of audio post production. You offer incredible professionalism and even better facilities, I will be singing your praises to everyone. I am even planning to return and do my Pro Tools 310P in the future!"

Benedict Almond
Sound for Film, Games & TV