SSR London - Camden Sound Sessions Webcast - Stereo Master Bus Processing


Camden Sound Sessions Webcast - Stereo Master Bus Processing

YouTube - 7pm to 9pm
This Thursday SSR London will be hosting a live Camden Sound Sessions webcast in association with Soul Sound. The webcast will focus on Stereo Master Bus Processing and you are all invited to tune in!

The webcast will be conducted by SSR London's Head of Audio and respected audio engineer, Jonathan Espinosa, alongside professional studio engineer Marcel Van Limbeek.

For decades people have developed different ways of mixing and 2bus processing is a hot topic among engineers. Some purist engineers believe that mixing should be done without any processor in the 2bus, as the emotion, dynamics and excitement of the mix should be tackled at the source allowing the mastering engineer to do the rest to enhance the mix later. This is a very simple and true fact.

On the other hand some people believe that adding compression and other processing across the 2bus can glue your mix, add energy and help the record to translate much better without obscuring things. This can add the impact that the song needs as well as adding tone.

As there are no hard rules, during this webinar Jonathan and Marcel will be discussing the pros and cons of approaching the mix both ways, bringing facts from their professional experience as well as answering questions to those attending this exciting webinar.

Due to the popularity of our last Camden Sound Sessions we have decided to move the broadcasting of the Webinar over to YouTube as a WebCast!

This will let you enjoy the benefits of DVR to pause, rewind and catch up on anything you miss if you join late! You will also be able to use YouTube's chat functions to join in the discussion and ask questions live as it happens.

You will be able to watch the WebCast from 7pm on Thursday at

Get the time in your diary and be sure to get involved!
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