SSR Manchester - Free Seminar - Working In The Industry


Free Seminar - Working In The Industry

SSR Manchester - 3pm to 5pm (TBC)

The seminar is now full and registrations are closed. Apologies if this leaves you disappointed. Some people may not turn up so feel free to try your luck although we cannot guarantee you a seat.

Keep an eye on the website and social media for future events.


As part of our Freshers Week events we will be hosting an industry panel event on Thursday 17th September.

We are currently in the process of confirming a number of industry professionals from the worlds of music (recording/studios), film, music production, DJing and live sound to take part in a panel with the loose theme of 'Working in The Industry'.

The aim of this seminar is to provide our new (and returning) students with a prime opportunity to hear from some industry experts. Topics covered will include:
  • How they got to where they are now
  • What you as a student should be doing while studying on your course
  • What you as a student should be doing outside of your course
  • What you as a student should be preparing for once you finish your course
  • Networking tips
  • Best practice for approaching potential employers
  • Q&A Session

Phil Streather - CEO of PLF Film Production Company

Jonny Strinati (Strinner)
Music Producer & Sound Designer

Alex Miller
Engineer @ Castle Rock Studios & SSR Studio Assistant

David Cameron-Pryde
Head of A&R - Muk Records

Following the seminar make sure you come and join us at Kosmonaut in Manchester for our official Freshers Party!
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