SSR Manchester - Bar Sessions #19


Bar Sessions #19

Kosmonaut / 6pm to 1am
Our first monthly Bar Sessions party of 2016 takes place on Thursday 21st January at Kosmonaut on Tariff St.

Along with the usual vinyl sessions in the main bar, we will also be taking over the Kosmonaut basement where students from our Electronic Music Production & DJ Practice degree course will be showcasing their talent with a series of assessed live performances.

A selection of students from other SSR courses will also be DJing in the basement throughout the night.

As usual, SSR students can show their ID badge at the bar for discounts and special offers.

EMP/DJ Course Live Assessments (Basement Bar 7pm to 9pm)
Harry Critchley
Aaron Costello
Adam Russell
Aidy Cunliffe
Sam Lane

Staff & Student DJs (Basement Bar)
9.30pm - Danni Skerrit
10pm - Sarunas Raudonis
11pm - Jack Schofield
12pm - Jack Clark 

SSR Bar Sessions (Main Bar 6pm to 1am)
Matt Talbot
Tom Houghton
Tom Harris (Hidden Spheres)

We'll be kicking things off in the main bar at 6pm, with student performances starting in the basement from 7pm - We'd love to see you there! If you can make it along at any point during the evening please come and show some support.

All welcome!

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