SSR London - Subpac Product Showcase


Subpac Product Showcase

SSR London - 3pm to 6pm
On Wednesday 2nd March we are pleased to welcome Subpac back to SSR London for a special product showcase event.

Members of Subpac's UK team will be in attendance on the day, bringing with them the latest Subpac product range for students and staff to try out for themselves, including the wearable M2 and the seated S2.

In addition to the product showcase, the team will be speaking to students about how they are developing and marketing their products; a discussion that will support some of the business and marketing aspects of our courses.

Unfamiliar with Subpac?

The company produce a range of products designed to offer an immersive audio experience, transferring the low frequencies within music directly to the body, providing a new physical dimension to the audio experience. Feel the boom of a kick drum, the warmth of an 808, the organic expression of a bassist and the richness of soundscapes.

Subpac supporters include Richie Hawtin, Dubfire, George Clinton, Calyx & Tee Bee, Fatboy Slim, The Gaslamp Killer and many more.

Further Information:
Subpac Website
Subpac Facebook Page
Subpac Instagram
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