SSR London - Patch Building Friday - July 2016


Patch Building Friday - July 2016

SSR London - 1pm to 5pm
On Friday 15th July we are pleased to present the second event in our Patch Build Friday's programme, this time taking an in-depth look at granular synthesis.

The point of these sessions is to build synth patches, samples, FX chains, drum kits etc etc, so you will have your own personal new, carefully crafted sounds and systems at your finger tips when you next sit down to make a track or meet up to jam.

Each session is loosely based around a plug-in, process or type of synthesis... but will be very open to questions, exploration and experimentation of all kinds.

Granular synthesis is the core technology behind the latest time-stretching and pitch-shifting algorithms, but it can also be used to generate extraordinary evolving soundscapes.

SSR lecturer and electronic musician Jake Williams will be getting deep into this versatile form of synthesis and its extensive sound design possibilities. The workshop will explore tools in Ableton / Max for Live, IOS, Reaktor, Traktor and Alchemy, as well as demonstrating techniques he has used in various live music and audio-visual projects.

Attendance is completely free and all are welcome.

To register your place, please head over to our Eventbrite page.
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