SSR London - Patch Building Friday: Modular FX and FX Chains


Patch Building Friday: Modular FX and FX Chains

SSR London - 11am
The point of these sessions is to build synth patches, samples, FX chains, drum kits etc etc, so you will have your own personal new, carefully crafted sounds and systems at your finger tips when you next sit down to make a track or meet up to jam.

Each session is loosely based around a plug-in, process or type of synthesis... but will be very open to questions, exploration and experimentation of all kinds.

Modular FX and FX Chains

This session will focus on building your own unique audio FX chains for production, sound design and performance. Create your own morphable, tweakable chains that you can leave loaded on a bus in a template set for whenever your next ready to goto work in the studio or rehearsals.

In the morning Electronic Music & DJ Practice course leader Jake Williams will demonstrate some possibilities using some Ableton and Native Instruments tools and in the afternoon we will feature a guest spot from Cherif Hashizume and a workshop.

Cherif is head engineer at Café Music and has worked on various albums including: Brian Eno and David Byrne’s “Everything That Happens Will Happen Today”; Jon Hopkins’ “Immunity”/“Insides”; King Creosote & Jon Hopkins “Diamond Mine”; PVT “Homosapian”/“Church with No Magic” and many more. Cherif has also released his own music via De-fence Records and Humble Soul Records including the original track “Empyrean Helix” featuring Tina Grace (Nitin Sawhney) and remix of Vena Portae’s “All Will Be Well”.

He plays live solo using a modular system and also with the band Hrim - Formed in early 2015, fronted by Icelandic folk singer Ösp Eldjárn, Hrim initially started as a duo with London Contemporary Voiceschoir founder and multi-instrumentalist Anil Sebastian (Imogen Heap) until they fell in love with Cherif’s programming wizardry and became a trio.

He will be showing us how he uses his own bespoke FX setups that utilise Sugarbytes Tornado and "my home brew masher fx triggered and controlled by after touch enabled pads and some s**y reverb I made in max” :-)

Full day this time. As always, it’s free. 11-5pm.

Looking forward to seeing you all!


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