SSR Manchester - Guest Lectures - Marshall Jefferson


Guest Lectures - Marshall Jefferson

Spirit Studio - 1pm
In association with Prism Sound we are pleased to present a special guest lecture from Marshall Jefferson during our Freshers' Fair day on Thursday 15th September.

Marshall will be in conversation talking about his life in the music industry and also taking questions from the audience. While based around his experiences within the electronic music scene, this lecture will be of interest to all SSR students, no matter your course subject.

The story of house music will vary depending on who’s telling it. Some DJs, producers, clubs and records will always pop up in any proper conversations because the shadow of their influence looms large over everything that has come since. Pretty much there from day one, no matter who you ask, was Chicago’s Marshall Jefferson. Few men have been as instrumental in the development of Chicago house music since the 1980s as him, because he has had a hand in everything from deep house to acid house to ghetto house.

Whether crafting his own bona-fide classics like ‘Move Your Body’ or ‘The House Anthem’ or playing the keys on the productions of peers like CeCe Rogers’ ‘Someday’ or whether touring the world taking his unique house sound and many Traxx releases to fans everywhere, Jefferson is and always will be mentioned whenever the history of house is discussed.

Following this daytime talk, Marshall will also be DJing for us at an exclusive performance in Eastern Bloc Records during the evening. Click here for details.


This event is open to all SSR students. To register a place for this guest lecture please complete the form below.

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