SSR London - Patch Building Friday: Modular Synthesis Abstractions


Patch Building Friday: Modular Synthesis Abstractions

2pm to 5pm
The point of these sessions is to build synth patches, samples, FX chains, drum kits etc etc, so you will have your own personal new, carefully crafted sounds and systems at your fingertips when you next sit down to make a track or meet up to jam.

Each session is loosely based around a plug-in, process or type of synthesis... but will be very open to questions, exploration and experimentation of all kinds.

Each session is completely free to attend but you must register a place in advance via the Eventrbrite link at the bottom of this page. On the agenda this month is:

Modular Synthesis Abstractions: Integrating Hardware and Software

This session will focus on a comparison between the hardware modular synthesis world and its counterparts in the software landscape.

You will have a chance to experience patch building on analogue modular hardware and the opportunity to build your own patches within various software equivalents, such as Reaktor, Max for Live, Oscillot and Pure Data. This will empower you to build your own unique synthesis patches for production, sound design and performance. You will also have the chance to see cutting edge techniques to integrate the analogue hardware modular world with its counterparts in the software landscape via DC coupled audio interfaces, allowing software control of analogue CV modules.

In the morning Electronic Music & DJ Practice course leader Jake Williams will demonstrate some possibilities using some Ableton and Native Instruments tools and in the afternoon we will feature a guest spot from Phelan Kane and a workshop.

Phelan Kane is a London based music producer, recording and mix engineer, musician, mastering engineer and music programmer. For almost twenty years he has been active in the music industry producing, programming, engineering, editing, mixing, performing and teaching. His credits and clients include sources as diverse as Placebo, Radiohead, Fad Gadget, Depeche Mode, Mute, Dido, dEUS, Snow Patrol, Polydor, PIAS, Mute, Beggars Banquet, Sony BMG, Universal, EMI and Warner Bros. His specialism is sound design and production techniques such as synthesis, sampling and processing born from an obsession with vintage analogue Moog, ARP & Oberheim synthesizers, modular systems, classic effects units, plugs and DAW toys.

Lots of wiggling and squelch noises are guaranteed!

Book your free place via our Eventbrite page:

We look forward to meeting you!
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