SSR London - Open Evening (May 2017)


Open Evening (May 2017)

SSR London - 6.30pm
Our May Open Evening is a perfect opportunity to visit SSR London and find out more about our studios, tutors and courses alongside our extensive training programmes.

Our team of tutors and staff will be ready to show you, your family and friends around our studios and facilities, inviting you all to join us from 18:30 for some specially planned, exciting and interactive demonstrations that showcase our facilities and the talents of our tutors.

Drop by to see first hand demonstrations of our core subject areas of Music Production & Sound Engineering, Electronic Music Production, DJing and Post Production, alongside plenty of information and advice on our short courses and Pro Tools training.

Doors open at 18:30. Our demos and the tour will be running from 19:00

You will have the opportunity to:

• See our studios and facilities, including our flagship Neve recording studio
• Sample our courses through live demonstrations and workshops
• Meet our tutors & support staff
• Ask any questions you may have

Electronic Music Production Demo

Jake Williams, electronic musician and course leader for our Electronic Music Production & DJ Practice BA (Hons) degree will be demonstrating experimental turntablist and soundscape DJ techniques using the Traktor S8 controller.

Jake's demo will cover the basics of operating the S8 controller, building STEMS tracks, employing FX, live looping and embracing the joy of random sonic accidents. Participants may even get a chance to get hands on and even build their own STEMS (so bring in your own audio files on USB, just in case!).

Audio Post Production Demo

Scott Marshall, our head of post-production, will be demonstrating how multichannel mixing works, using a 5.1 system in our AVID S6 studio. As an Avid partner, will be covering mixing concepts for films, focusing on effects, dialogue and music integration, using the Avid S6 console.

Studio Production Demo

Ben Davies, our Music Production BA (Hons) course leader, will be conducting a sound mixing demonstration with Pro Tools using a legendary Neve VR60 analogue console.

As one of only seven exclusive Neve partners in the UK, this session will be covering a basic introduction to the patch bay, instrument fader groupings, dynamic processors and special effects. Participants will have a chance to ask any technical questions about the mix and an opportunity to produce a basic fader mix under the guidance of a highly experienced tutor.

Individual Appointments

We will do our best to offer 1-2-1 consultations at the end of the tour although this is not always possible due to time constraints.

If you are travelling a notable distance to attend, please call us on 020 7482 7067 beforehand so we can arrange a scheduled consultation for you during the evening. For those who live locally; in the event we cannot speak to you individually on the night, you will be invited to make an appointment to come back and see us at a convenient time.

Do I Need to Book?

Please use the form at the bottom of this page to register your attendance.

For further information, or if you have any questions regarding the Open Evening please contact us on or call us on 0207 482 7067.

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