SSR London - Patch-Building Friday: Steps & Clocks - Rhythm and Modular Synths


Patch-Building Friday: Steps & Clocks - Rhythm and Modular Synths

SSR London - 2pm
On Friday 21st April we will be running another free synthesis workshop as part of our Patch-Building Friday series.

This month we will be looking at tempo and rhythm in the modular world and how a simple clock pulse can be converted into generative drum patterns, complex polyrhythms and pulsating arpeggios.

Lead by Jake Williams - electronic musician, producer and Course Leader of our unique Electronic Music & DJ Practice BA (Hons) degree, these sessions explore and de-mystify the often prohibitively expensive and complex world of modular synthesis.

We teach you how to build different kinds of synth sounds, FX chains, drum kits and more, so that you will have their own selection of new, individual sounds, systems and techniques at their finger tips when you next sit down to make a track or meet up to jam.

Each student will have an opportunity to get hands-on with our Doepfer A-100 Eurorack analogue modular system and our Rebel Technology OWL (a digital modular unit that’s functionality is programmable with a computer) as well as practice on their own workstation.

Each workstation is equipped with Max for Cat’s fantastic Oscillot modular environment for Ableton Live which is a very affordable and wonderful-sounding access point and learning tool for those interested in synthesis of all kinds.

Each session is loosely based around a plug-in, process or type of synthesis... but will be very open to questions, exploration and experimentation of all kinds.

Please register your attendance here on Eventbrite!

Looking forward to seeing you there!
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