SSR Online - Portable Live WorkstationsSSR Online - Portable Live Workstations
Portable Live Workstations
New to live sound engineering? Meet the portable workstations, the perfect introduction to the art of live mixing.

Based in the Charlie Jones Live Venue at SSR Manchester, these smart units are brimming with impressive kit: a Soundcraft MH2 or GB4 console, Akai 8-Track hard disk recorder (loaded with pre-recorded, multi-track live performances), Drawmer dynamics processors, Yamaha SPX multi-effects, plus Yamaha MSP3 nearfield monitors and integrated headphones. Everything comes mounted on a wheeled trolley, so it’s really easy to move around.

Once you’re confident working with the portable workstations, you’ll be ready to get going on the Charlie Jones’ D&B Q-Series PA system.
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Key Features

Soundcraft MH2 & GB4 mixing consoles
Akai DR8 Hard Disk Recorders
Drawmer DL241 Compressors
Drawmer DS201 Noise Gates
Yamaha SPX1000 & SPX990 effects processors
Yamaha MSP3 Monitors