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Sign-Out Equipment
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From mics to musical instruments, our sign-out stores are brimming with all the equipment you could possibly need for a productive recording studio session. Available at all SSR campuses, the sign-out system lets you borrow the bits of kit you might not be lucky enough to own.

The enviable mic stock across the sites includes classics like the Shure SM7B/57/58, Shure Beta 91A/52A, precision instruments such as the AKG C414/451, warm valve mics such as the AKG SolidTube or the Joe Meek TB47, premium 'royalty' mics such as the world-famous Neumann U87 and Blue Kiwi, and boutique vintage ribbon mics such as the pre-60's Coles 4038 and the Reslosound Ribbon.

If it’s musical instruments you need, you’ll be blown away by our choice of bass, electric and acoustic guitars, and amps from Marshall, Line 6, Warwick and Yamaha… In addition to the synthesisers installed in our studios, each campus keeps a selection of keyboards & synths which can be signed out; try out the modular Doepfer A-100, the MicroKorg, and classic Roland synths such as the Juno 106 and the huge JD-800.

Other items available to sign out include Canon XF105 and Blackmagic Design URSA Mini video cameras, Marantz & Zoom portable audio recorders, Rode NTG location microphones with boom arms, Macbook Pro packs, studio standard Beyerdynamic DT-100 closed-back headphones, pop shields, SE Electronics Reflection filters, DI & Re-amp boxes, guitar tuners, drumsticks, drum machines and an almost endless supply of leads and accessories.

In short, if you need it, chances are it’s in our sign-out stores.
Key Features

Electric, acoustic and bass guitars
Electric and bass guitar amplifiers
Guitar stands
Drum kits
Microphone stands
DI Boxes
Re-amp boxes
Guitar tuners
Drum machines
Reflection filters
Lighting rigs
Boom poles
Camera jibs
Track and dollys
Portable audio recorders
Analogue tape