SSR Manchester - Spirit StudioSSR Manchester - Spirit StudioSSR Manchester - Spirit StudioSSR Manchester - Spirit StudioSSR Manchester - Spirit StudioSSR Manchester - Spirit StudioSSR Manchester - Spirit StudioSSR Manchester - Spirit StudioSSR Manchester - Spirit StudioSSR Manchester - Spirit StudioSSR Manchester - Spirit Studio
Spirit Studio
Manchester : Advanced
Spirit Studio is one of the country’s finest recording and mixing spaces. Located on the third floor of SSR Manchester, it’s packed with impressive features that make it a dream-come-true for producers and musicians alike.

The studio was designed by our Technical Director, Tom Aston with world-renowned acoustic specialist Jochen Veith designing the perfect acoustics.  The result is a spacious, modern environment in which the boundaries between sound engineer and artist are totally removed.

The 1500 sq ft of space is built around a Neve VRP60/48 Legend console with Flying Faders & original ‘Recall’ software, a top-of-the-range Pro Tools HDX system and a Saturn 24-track 2" reel-to-reel tape machine.

In addition to the main studio, there’s a windowed isolation booth and a separate machine room housing a full Pro Tools HDX system which can be synchronised with the 2” Tape Machine for flawless recording and playback. The studio is also home to its very own drum kit and has an extensive and exclusive collection of mics, and all essential cables and stands.

Our Yamaha NS-10s and incredible PMC MB2S-A monitor speakers mean you can dual monitor. In fact, PMC themselves told us that SSR is the only educational establishment in the UK to have monitors like these. Add to all this a stellar line up of outboard equipment (think Urei, AMS, Tubetech, TL Audio, Roland, Audio Design, API and Lexicon), an Aviom foldback system for headphone mixes, and the console’s built-in dynamics and it’s easy to see why so many artists have chosen Spirit.

Over the years, Wheatus, Mr Scruff, Mani (Stone Roses), Peter Hook, The Whip, Dutch Uncles, Doves, 808 State (as Sisters of Transistors & Big Unit), Kid British, Greg Wilson and Diane Shaw have all worked here.
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Key Features

Neve VRP60/48 Legend Mixing Console with Flying Faders and Recall
Saturn 624 2” 24-track Tape Machine
Pro Tools HDX
Apple Mac Pro Workstation
Sonnet Mac Pro Rack Case
PMC MB2S-A Main Monitors with PMC/Bryston Crossovers & Amplification
Yamaha NS-10M Nearfield Monitors
AMS RMX16 Reverb
AMS DMX 15-80s Stereo Delay
Lexicon 224XL Reverb
Urei 1176LN
Avalon VT747SP
Tubetech CL1B
ADR Vocal Stresser F769X-R
API 5500 Stereo/Dual Mono 550 EQ
Roland Chorus Echo SRE-555
Roland Stereo Flanger
Klark Teknik Mono Graphic Equaliser
Tascam CDRW901SL CD Recorder
Aviom Foldback System
Dedicated Microphone Cupboard (Neumann, AKG, Coles, Sennheiser, Shure & more)
Ableton Live Suite, Apple Logic Pro, Avid Pro Tools HD, Audacity
Avid Plug-in Bundle, Arturia V Collection, NI Komplete, Sonnox Elite & Codec Toolbox, McDSP Everything Pack
Melodyne, Xfer Serum, HOFA CD & DDP, Izotope Ozone & Insight, Waves Abbey Road Collection, Vocalign Pro
Open Plan Control Room/Live Room Layout
Isolation Booth
Machine Room
Yamaha C3 Grand Piano
Custom-designed outboard racks and workstation trolley