SSR Jakarta - GS-R24 StudioSSR Jakarta - GS-R24 StudioSSR Jakarta - GS-R24 StudioSSR Jakarta - GS-R24 Studio
GS-R24 Studio
Jakarta : Introductory
As the introductory recording studio at SSR Jakarta, the GS-R24 studio incorporates a 24-channel Allen & Heath GS-R24 mixing console and Pro Tools.

The studio provides a comfortable recording environment with a great acoustic design.

Students using this studio have an ideal environment to learn the fundamentals of analogue signal flow, patching and digital recording.
Key Features

Allen & Heath GS-R24 Mixing Console with Firewire Interface Module
Drawmer DS 201 Noise Gate
DBX 166XL Compressor Limiter
Yamaha SPX990 Multi Effect Processor
Lexicon MPX1 Multi Effect Processor
Novation SL49 MKII
Apple iMac 27 inch with Pro Tools 10
Dedicated Live Room
Genelec 8040 Near Field Monitor