SSR Jakarta - Foley StudioSSR Jakarta - Foley StudioSSR Jakarta - Foley Studio
Foley Studio
From cracking twigs to echoing stilettos, the Foley studio is the magical place where sound effects become truly believable.

Although footsteps aren't the only sort of audio that can be recorded here, they are one of the most commonly-sought sound effects in film and TV.

Located in the live room of SSR Jakarta's ICON Studio, our Foley Studio is the perfect space for learning one of the most important skills in the industry...

The term 'Foley' covers the creation and implementation of the crucial and oft-overlooked art of sound effects. Pretty much every movie, TV show or radio drama uses Foley, and here you learn just how.

Whether its utilising the existing sections of crunching gravel, click-clacking on concrete and stepping on snapping twigs, or creating your very own imaginative sound effects, the Foley Pit has all you need to make your production dramatic and realistic
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Key Features

Recreations of various floor surfaces for the re-recording of footsteps in audio/visual productions
Soundstage for recording and performing sound effects