SSR Online - Live Room 1SSR Online - Live Room 1SSR Online - Live Room 1SSR Online - Live Room 1SSR Online - Live Room 1
Live Room 1
This is where it all happens!

SSR London’s Live Room 1 is equipped with all you need to record great quality sound.

Here, you’re connected to two control rooms: the Neve Studio and the S6 Studio. Both feature big viewing windows and an array of analogue and digital tie lines, including microphone, line, foldback, MIDI, Video, AES & Cat 5e. You get a great view of what’s happening and can really get creative with what you record.

If music’s your thing, you’ll love the openness of this large, live room. Whether you’re recording ensembles, drums, or strings, they’ll all be right at home here.

If, on the other hand, you’re all about film and TV, you’ll love the Foley pit in Live Room 1. The pit is where you can pick up clips of snapping twigs, crunching gravel and heels on concrete for perfect footstep effects. Ready to create your own sound effects? Take to the sound stage and get stuck in.
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Key Features

Viewing windows into Neve Studio & ICON Studio
Microphone, Line, Foldback, MIDI, AES, BNC & Cat 5e Tie Lines
Foley Pit
LCD Screen
Air conditioning