SSR Manchester - PC Suite 2SSR Manchester - PC Suite 2SSR Manchester - PC Suite 2SSR Manchester - PC Suite 2SSR Manchester - PC Suite 2SSR Manchester - PC Suite 2SSR Manchester - PC Suite 2SSR Manchester - PC Suite 2
PC Suite 2
The second of two PC Suites at SSR Manchester, PC Suite 2, is specifically designed for, and mostly dedicated to our range of Games courses.

This facility features 10 powerful Dell workstations each equipped with Nvidia Quadro graphics cards, dual LED monitors, Wacom Intuos Pro Tablets and Xbox One controllers.

A widescreen 1080P projector enables tutors to zoom right into sessions for maximum detail while audio is handled by an M-Audio 2.1 monitoring system.

Towards the back of the room you will find a Playstation 4 hooked up to a 40" LCD TV, allowing our games students to evaluate and critique the latest console games or indulge in 4 player gaming sessions during their downtime.

The hardware in PC Suite 2 is also backed up by an impressive range of software packages including Autodesk 3DS Max, Pixologic ZBrush, Adobe Creative Cloud, Unreal Engine and more.

Designed and spec'd by our team of Games tutors to meet the needs of their students and lesson deliveries, PC Suite 2 is the ultimate Games room and will enable our students to maximise their creativity by utilising some of the industry's essential technology.
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Key Features

10x Dell workstations with Nvidia Quadro graphics cards
2x 21.5" LED monitors per workstation
Wacom Intuos Pro Tablets
XBox One Controllers
Sennheiser HD201 Headphones
Widescreen 1080P Video Projection from Tutor Workstation
M-Audio 2.1 Audio Monitoring from Tutor Workstation
Sony Playstation 4 with four controllers and 40" LCD screen
Pixologic ZBrush, Autodesk 3DS Max, Marmoset Toolbag, Knald, Quixel Suite, Behaviour Designer
Unreal Engine, Unity, FMOD, Audacity, Microsoft Visual Studio Community, GitKraken, Blender
Adobe Creative Cloud, Blackmagic Design Da Vinci Resolve
Movie Magic Budgeting & Scheduling, Previz Studio 3.5 Stereo, Final Draft, Hollywood Shot Designer
Custom-designed desks, enabling collaborative working
Project Workbench