Games Development Courses At SSR

If you dream of developing a console or mobile game for others to play, then choosing to study on one of our Games Development courses could be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make.

Whether you choose to study our 6 month Games Development Industry Diploma - starting in March 2016 - or our foundation degree in Games Development beginning in September 2016 - we’ll help you hone your creativity and get your games into the hands of gamers.

You’ll learn varying depths of games development across a range of genres including first person shooters, puzzle games, real time strategies and platformers. Understand scripting using Unity and Unreal Engine’s visual based interface, create textures and maps for use in 3D materials, get to grips with level design, destructible scenery and prototyping and investigate the science of game-play mechanics.

Get skilled in design and production and learn how to get your games into the hands of the people who matter.

Below are several courses for you to browse. Have a look, drop us a line or sign up today.

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It’s time for our #WeekendWaves! This week’s playlist features 15 tracks from our man-in-command, Adrian! “Hello there, I’m Adrian, the CEO of Spirit Studios. Not quite as easy as it seems coming up with 15 tracks, but with music telling a story, there’s something personal in all of these tracks for me”. Check our Spotify stories highlight to get your ears nice and prepped for the weekend 😎

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A couple weeks ago we did some much needed maintenance on our Neve Console located in the Spirit Studio.

This bad boy has about 12 THOUSAND capacitors in it, so we like to do maintenance every 6 months or so to keep it running in top condition. 
If you liked this, keep your eyes peeled during the week of August 19th because this was just the appetizer. The main course will be much bigger 👀

#music #maintenance #console #neveconsole #engineer #hardware #industry #musicindustry #40in2020

We recently sat down with Miles Wimbleton to discuss his exciting year ahead. He played Block9 Stage at Glastonbury, he’s set to play @kendalcalling next week, AND he’s landed himself a job at Flix Facilities at Media City! 
Whew, that’s a lot to keep up with. We are so excited for Miles and can’t wait to see what he gets up to in the future! 
Link in bio for the full interview 🤘🏻 #music #musicschool #production #soundengineer #engineering #design #glastonbury #40in2020
#WeekendWaves is here! This week we’re featuring an eclectic mix of just about everything from our eclectic Jenni! “Hi, I’m Jenni! I move between different types of music a lot, but at the moment music is either my way of completely zoning out, or my way of getting super happy and belting out the words as I drive. Every song in here makes me feel good, and isn’t that the point?! Hope you enjoy it ☺️” Go to our ‘Spotify’ highlight reel to check out Jenni’s playlist, as well as to see all of our previous playlists. Happy weekend everybody ✌🏻 #playlist #music #eclectic #spotify #40in2020 #weekend #friday #weekendwaves

From hanging around @skfoodiefriday helping with live sound, to being an artist liaison and stage manager at this year’s @kendalcalling, Kelsey has come a long way since her days of wanting to study medicine. 
We sat down with Kelsey a few weeks ago to chat about her time with us at Spirit, feminism in the industry, and her exciting plans for the rest of 2019!

Link in bio 😎
#interview #music #industry #livesound #engineer #feminism #40in2020
Get your ears ready, Damo’s Weekend Waves is here! Featuring electronic and synth sounds, Damo’s playlist is guaranteed to help take you in to the weekend with relaxed vibes. “Hi, I’m Damion, technician and audio software specialist here at Spirit. Picking 15 tracks was hard for me, I listen to a lot of music and my favourites tend to change so I’ve picked from my current shuffle playlist of 1156 tracks including some new and classic material as well as a few of my own latest releases. Hope you enjoy and happy Friday!” Check our stories to link to Damo’s tunes! 
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We’ll never give you up, we’ll never let you down 🕺🏻 Back in the noughties we acquired Rick Astley’s old tape deck from a second hand dealer, and it’s been rollin’ ever since. •
#music #rickroll #40in2020 #tapedeck #vintage #tape #spirit #manchestermusic
Just because it’s Monday doesn’t mean you can’t stay in weekend mode! Check out our #WeekendWaves playlist on Spotify to keep you in the weekend spirit! This week features loads of GRM tunes from head of Student Experience, Lizi! “Hey hey I’m Lizi, originally from Manchester and not leaving anytime soon! I proper hope you enjoy my playlist. I can’t say my music type goes down well in the office so headphones sometimes have to do. Manchester music is literally popping off right now, and to be honest I spend most of my breathing hours refreshing GRM Daily. Anyway I hope you enjoy x”. Check our stories for links 😎

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From space to science, Jack Plant’s new EP: Exploring Planetoids, has it all. No stranger to Manchester’s incredible electronic music scene, Jack has played at iconic venues Antwerp Mansion and Sankeys.

Read on as Jack discusses his upcoming EP launch, his career change from biology to music, and where he gets inspiration from. 
Link in bio☝🏻
#music #musicindustry #electronic #electronica #interview #dj #manchestermusicscene #manchester #mcr #producer #ep #eplaunch #fun
Isolation Booth: ✔️
Live Venue: ✔️
80’s Arcade Game: ✔️ We like to make sure our students have everything they need to thrive here. 
Who fancies a game? Winner buys a pint 🍻 
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