POSTED ON – 22.05.16

SSR Manchester - Jamchester
Last weekend, SSR proudly sponsored Jamchester, the largest ever professional UK games jam. Professional games developers came from around the world to attend.

As part of our sponsorship, we provided a dedicated audio clinic, with one of our audio post production and Pro Tools experts, Dean Covill. We brought a full recording and mixing setup where audio post production tutor Dean was able to record dialogue or sound effects, as well as offer access to an extensive sound library; recording and creating audio the teams may need on-site, placing the recordings straight into participants games!

Jamchester, the product of a collaboration between HackManchester, and the industry network Gameopolis, is looking to change the arena of game jams; Simon Smith of Gameopolis briefly sums up the event - "We've created Jamchester to showcase Greater Manchester on the national stage as a great place to make games."

The whole team had a great time at Jamchester and we would like to thank the organisers and all the teams for making it such a memorable weekend!

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