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SSR London - Patch Building Friday Pictures
Patch Building Friday Pictures
Back in June we proudly hosted our first Patch Building Friday workshop at our Camden studios.

The point of these sessions is to explore how to build synth patches, samples, FX chains, drum kits and more, so that attendees will have their own selection of new, carefully crafted sounds and systems at their finger tips when they next sit down to make a track or meet up to jam.

Each session is loosely based around a plug-in, process or type of synthesis... but will be very open to questions, exploration and experimentation of all kinds.

Our first event started with an introduction to modular synthesis using our Doepfer Eurorack (hardware synth) and Max for Cat’s fantastic Oscillot modular environment for Ableton Live… and an example of how the 2 systems can talk to each other.

Later in the day Rebel Technology, a tech collective based in London demonstrated how the world of modular synths can work with musical programming, and through a short workshop demonstrated how to build a simple instrument in Pure Data (a visual musical programming language) that then runs without a computer on the OWL.

Following this workshop Rebel Technology member, EAVI organiser and all round eccentric tech music master Adam Parkinson presented his Dane Law project which is made ‘by messing about with samples in Pure Data’ and involves a laptop-free live setup using a BeagleBoard. Take a listen to some of Adam's work over on SoundCloud.

We would like to say thank you to Rebel Technology for taking part in the event, and of course thank you to all our students and members of the public who came along.

Keep an eye on our website and social media channels for details of our next workshop!

Photos courtesy of Martin Delaney
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