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Brad Harris - Silo Black Games

Bradley Harris, a Games Tutor here at SSR, has recently worked on a brand new game as part of his company,  Silo Black Games. We interviewed him to find out more!

Hi Brad! You’re part of Silo Black Games, can you give us a brief introduction to the company? How big is the team, what different roles are included?

Silo Black Games is a small indie games company. We formed last year and the company consists of four industry veterans with over 30 released titles between us. Ricardo David is our Art Director. He has worked on games such as Wichter: Battle Arena, Ryse and Crisis 2. Amit Boparai, our Creative Director, has worked as designer on games like Star Citizen and Need for Speed Hot Pursuit. Jared Glass is our Technical Director, aka the brains and genius of the team.

And what role do you play in Silo Black Games?

I am the CEO and the 3D artist in the team. I create all the 3D assets for our games.

You recently released a game – Trump the Brick-tator. What is the concept behind this game?

Trump the Brick-tator was born out of Jamchester, the country’s biggest professional game jam based in Manchester. The theme was “you have already won” and our Technical Director, Jared Glass, had the idea of combining the theme with the very topical, political hot potato of Donald Trump‘s presidential campaign. The idea was that Donald Trump had already won presidential election and during his second term he has to stop aliens (illegal aliens!) by building a wall!

What were the main challenges you faced through creating a game at Jamchester?

As a new indie company, we wanted to test our self as a team and see how we dealt with the very constrained deadline of 40 hours to create a game. On the whole we managed the project well, but I guess the biggest challenge was to keep artistic scope of the game quite small giving us a realistic target.

Did your team plan any part of your game in advance?

No. We had no idea what we were going to make until we heard the theme at the game jam!

This is the first game from Jamchester to be released – that’s awesome! How did you go about the process of releasing it? Have you ever released a game before? Was it difficult?

Once we had finished creating our game we had a lot of positive feedback from various people, including an article by the Lad Bible about Jamchester, which featured our game. After seeing a good amount of interest in the game, we decided to release it. But as we had started production of our next game (Boom Boom Barbarian), we enlisted the services of independent developer Darby Costello to aid us in getting to game ready to release on Google Play and the App Store. He added a great amount to the game by optimizing some of the features and he totally streamlined the production process.

Some of the larger issues we had included conforming to iOS browser controller specifications - essentially getting our iOS build to talk to Facebook. Apple has a new policy whereby apps can no longer use the confederate flag on their icon, so we had to change that.

Probably the biggest problem facing any indie studio in self-publishing a game is how to get people to play it without having a huge marketing budget.

Where can we play your game?

Trump the Brick-tator is out now for free on Google Play and the iTunes App Store:

Google Play

iTunes App Store

You can also follow us on Facebook for updates - Trump the Brick-tator

Do you have any plans for future games?

Our next game is called Boom Boom Barbarian - a rhythm-action, tower defence game that blends the frenetic action from games such as ‘One Finger Death Punch’ to a rhythm based system like ‘Guitar Hero’. The player acts as the ‘tower’ and must defend a building from waves of enemies seeking to destroy it. Killing enemies in chain combos makes the action get faster as well as the sound of the background beat. The faster the beat, the more enemies and the higher the rewards! We recently secured a government grant from the UK Game Fund to make a prototype for which we are on our second of a three month production.

Thanks for chatting to us Brad, and good luck with your future games!
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