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SSR London - Lori E. Allen Performs at Tate Modern
Lori E. Allen Performs at Tate Modern
From 3-12 March, German photographer Wolfgang Tillmans transformed the Tate Modern’s South Tank into an immersive exhibition of light, video and sound to complement his solo exhibition in the Tate Modern itself. This unique installation involved various free live events from Tillmans himself, as well as from a number of collaborators and experimental artists, one of which was SSR London tutor, Lori E. Allen.

Her fellow tutor Jake Williams went along to Lori’s performance on 8 March along with some of her Music Production students.

“Lori’s performance was fantastic - a really unusual combination of live vocals, manipulated vocal samples, synth textures, beats and cello. Hypnotic, punctuated by moments of humour from the samples with a great textural addition from the cello as well. The Tanks space is a pretty awesome venue but they filled it well and the performers were set off visually by the lights from Tillmans' installation.”

“Lori and TearsIOV were followed by electronic legend Thomas Brinkmann, who I have been following since his early Max Ernst releases. He didn't disappoint - manipulating clattering industrial rhythms with stacks upon stacks of delay.”

– Jake Williams

“Playing in the Tanks was an immersive experience. The space seemed to carry the piece we had prepared much further than anticipated to the point that it wrapped back around us like an envelope. I couldn’t see much for the lights and the dark but it felt very good to have so much focus in this blind spot.”

– Lori E. Allen

After a successful performance from Lori last week and a fantastic series of events, the South Tank installation has now ended, however Tillman’s solo exhibition in the Tate runs until June 11 2017.

Keep up to date with Lori and her work -
Lori E. Allen - Tate Modern
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