POSTED ON – 25.03.17

SSR Manchester - ‘Manchester Girl Geeks’ get a lesson in Games Development & Unreal Engine
‘Manchester Girl Geeks’ get a lesson in Games Development & Unreal Engine
As current sponsors of the ‘Manchester Girl Geeks’, we invited them in to SSR to experience an afternoon of games development with our Head of Games, Darby Costello.

Taken from our 5 day summer school course, the session was an introduction to Unreal Engine, a fully featured game engine that gives people from non-programming backgrounds an opportunity to realise their most creative game ideas.

During the session, the group explored the interface, and features including character control, particles, lighting and the Blueprints visual scripting system. Students in the session got the chance to create an entire level for our working prototype game Tresspassr, a component-based puzzle adventure game in which you control two characters, each with their own special abilities.

"There was quite a range of experience in the group, but Darby helped us all to create a simple level of a puzzle based game. Unreal Engine was a really good choice of software as it's easy to create a very professional looking design. Best of all it's free, which was great as there was a lot of enthusiasm in the group and people were keen to experiment further after learning the basics." – Karen Pudner (Manchester Girl Geeks)

“By producing levels for an existing proof of concept, students were able to engage directly with both the 3D features of Unreal Engine and with the principles of good level and puzzle design from the outset. One student even reprogrammed aspects of the in-game components to make his level substantially more difficult to solve... even for the tutor who invented it!” – Darby Costello (Head of Games)

To get more information about our courses in Games Development and Unreal Engine, simply follow the links below, or if you have any questions please contact our course advisor Daniel Buxton on 0161 276 2119 or send an enquiry email to

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