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SSR  - SSR's 30th Birthday Party
SSR's 30th Birthday Party
At the end of March we celebrated our 30th Birthday in style with a big party and former staff/student reunion at Kosmonaut in Manchester, the site of the old SSR and Spirit Studios premises.

The night was a great success, with the Komsonaut basement absolutely packed all night long with current and former staff, students and friends of SSR throughout our illustrious 30 year history.

The evening also saw the launch of our 30 Years of Spirit exhibition at Kosmonaut, which documents a history of SSR and Spirit Studios through rare photographs and memorabilia, including the Stone Roses' first demo tape and a selection of records that were recorded at Spirit and SSR over the years.

(The 30 Years of Spirit exhibition runs throughout April at Kosmonaut in Manchester. Entry is free.)

During the evening we asked guests to leave us a video message with memories of their time at SSR, which we have now edited into a short video that can be seen below. Thank you to everyone who left us a message!

We would like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to everyone who attended on the night and helped make it such a special occasion, it really wouldn't have been the same without you all there and it meant a lot to the whole SSR team to hear your fond memories and kind words about SSR.

Click here for a photo gallery from the evening. If you have any pictures of your own that you would like to share feel free to post them to our Facebook page.

Here's to the next 30 years!

Unfortunately, SSR founder and Managing Director John Breakell could not attend the evening, however he did send a special speech which was read out by SSR Principal Ian Hu during the party. John would like to personally thank everyone for coming along and helping celebrate 30 years of SSR, and to say that he is sorry he couldn’t be there in person.

For anyone that missed the speech you can read John's words below:

John Breakell:
“Hi all! It's a bit of a weird one this. How do I pitch this message? Some of you have never met me, some are SSR students & colleagues, some Spirit Studios musos. Suppose I'll just be me. Where you stand now used to be my home, I literally slept & ate there. Never ventured out much, I had a proper studio tan.

There was never a master plan, Spirit grew organically. Just like minded people, who simply loved music. I was lucky... right place, right time. There are too many stories to tell and I won't bore you with naming all the bands who used Spirit, but, great memories. Then 1984 happens and SSR is born. Classroom lectures in the live area, punk bands rehearsing next door. It was a true melting pot of creative people on both sides of the glass. From delivering just the one original sound recording course in '84, SSR has now grown into what we see today. A true multi-media school delivering a wide range of cutting edge industry courses. That all sounds rather grand, but if I wasn't surrounded by young creative people I'd still be sleeping in that damp basement in sunny Manchester!

A couple of years ago I decided my time had come to play a less hands on approach with SSR. It was time for the next generation of people to take it to the next level. It was the best decision for myself but more importantly for SSR to grow, not just nationally but globally. They are a great bunch of people at SSR... the obvious ones, Ian Hu, Tom Aston, Ian Carmichael, all the tutors, studio assistants... too many to mention. I want to say thanks for being part of the SSR family.

In life it's funny how things seem to go full circle. I'd like to take a nod to our roots and a mention to the guys, the unsung heroes if you like, without who's help we would be not here today. Tim Oliver, working throughout the night preparing the next days lectures, Crommie, the hardest working muso north of the equator, Barrington Stewart RIP, the most talented and patent vocalist (miss ya mate), and finally, Mr Manchester, Steve adj... unsung hero, helping so many bands along the way without even asking for anything in return, love ya pal.

Sorry if I've rambled on a bit, have a great night, (just watch the bar tab) I'm there with you, maybe not physically but for sure in SPIRIT! Bigluv to you all, from SIAM, home of the lovers xxxx”