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SSR Manchester - Freshers Party and Producer Sessions Live kick off new term
Freshers Party and Producer Sessions Live kick off new term
Here at SSR we have had a great start to the new academic year. This summer has seen huge upgrades to our facilities and equipment with other potential expansions in the pipelines, and leading up to the new term we‘ve had a number of events to welcome our new and returning students. These events included a Fresher’s Party with Mr Scruff and the Producer Sessions Live expo.

To kick off the new term, SSR opened its Live Venue to students and staff for our Fresher’s Party. The evening featured an eclectic mixture of music from SSR Students and Staff, with special guest DJ Mr Scruff also playing an exclusive live set. Manchester legend Mr Scruff has recently spent time in our studios recording, producing and mastering work for his latest album with help from a number of our studio assistants.
Mr Scruff at the SSR fresher's party and his custom headphones! Mr Scruff's custom headphones!

As well as Mr Scruff playing out with his bass grooves and funky leads, the party also included sets from SSR Staff member Matt Talbot (AKA Mattigaan) and SSR EMP Tutor Damion O'Brien (under his various aliases, most notably 'afferent'), alongside sets from students Zachary Bruce and Marios Agouridis.
Mr Scruff's effects SSR Student Mario Agouridis

Massive thanks to Mr Scruff and our other DJ’s for playing at the party, and of course to all the students who came down…we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

Following on from the Fresher’s party, we also played host to the first ever northern leg of Future Publishing’s Producer Sessions Live event.

This event was a great success, with our studios taken over by a range of industry exhibitors including Yamaha, Rode, Moog, API, Prism Sounds, Sonnox Oxford Plugins, Pioneer and Ableton. Alongside the exhibitors were production masterclass sessions from the likes of Nu:Tone, Shadow Child, Dom Kane, Luke Soloman, James Hockley and Kirk Degiorgio.
Rode mics show off their gear at Producer Sessions Live Moog show off their gear at Producer Sessions Live

Rode mics and Moog show off their gear at Producer Sessions Live

Over 150 students and members of the public visited us on the day, who all got the chance to meet with the various exhibitors and producers in attendance to demo and discuss a huge variety of music tech hardware and software such as studio monitors, synths, sequencers, MIDI controllers, DJ equipment and software plugins.
Ableton and Alphasphere demo'd their innovative controllers Ableton and Alphasphere demo'd their innovative controllers

We would like to thank all the visitors to Producer Sessions Live and also all of the exhibitors and producers for coming down. It was great to see our studios filled with some amazing hardware for the day and we can’t wait for next year!
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