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SSR Manchester - SSR Students Run Bankswood Festival
SSR Students Run Bankswood Festival
At SSR we're always proud to see our students taking their audio training in any industry sectors, and applying their skills to roles in a real world environment. This summer has been no exception with many of our current and former Live Sound students doing just this at various concerts and festivals around the country and also internationally.

A great example of this was during the weekend of August 31st – 1st September 2013, when eight SSR students headed to Bankswood Park in Hadfield to run, manage and engineer the Bankswood Music Festival as the weekend's live sound crew.

Involved with the festival were SSR Live Sound and Audio Engineering students and graduates Kris Johnstone, Tom Horrobin, Michael Pollock, Juan Martínez Vela, Lívia Nagy, Ashley Duke, Hamish Perks and Jacob Boerenbeker.

The crew were appointed various responsibilities including voicing the PA, rigging for each stage’s instruments, hardware units, mixing consoles and microphones, Front of House mixing and sound checking for each performing artist. Just as importantly, the students also had to provide monitor mixes for each of the 16 artist that played between the festival’s Main and Acoustic stages.

Livia Nagy:
“On day one we all took part assembling the equipment for both stages to ensure the festival was set to open at its scheduled times. Once this was completed I was delighted to be tasked with completing the monitor mixes for each artist on Saturday’s main stage. I found this daunting at first but then my training ‘kicked in’ and I completed the monitor mixes smoothly. Juanma also helped by liaising with each of the bands during their changeovers as to what they'd like to hear in each stage monitor mix.”

“During the second day I was shadowing Tom Horrobin who was mixing the Front of House sets, before I was asked to mix a set for Cornelious Crane. Once again I found this quite a challenge as the console was a digital Allan & Heath GLD80, which I have never seen before, but the signal flow experience I have gained at SSR helped me to get to grips with the console and channel functions efficiently.”

Livia went on to talk briefly about the Studio & Live course she currently studies, saying:

Livia Nagy:
“The SSR Studio and Live course I'm studying can't be compared to my previous university course because previously there were no chances to practise techniques and theory at all. Once I met a British sound engineer in Hungary, who told me that if I go to SSR they'll teach me everything I need. It's amazing how much I’ve learnt, progressed and developed during these two years and the final year is only just approaching!”

SSR Live Sound tutor Jay Beard is one of the festival organisers and had this to say:

SSR Live Sound tutor Jay Beard:
"Nothing musical ever used to happen in Hadfield, so me and some friends started to put idea’s together to try and make something happen. Four years later and we have The Bankswood Music festival, which is gaining a reputation in the area for great music, great sound and a family atmosphere, and I’m proud to say the audio side is 100% run by my students. They did a fantastic job this year and it was great to see them putting their training into action.”