POSTED ON – 16.08.12

SSR Manchester - Paul Asbridge shoots new promo at SSR
Paul Asbridge shoots new promo at SSR
We recently welcomed session drummer Paul Asbridge to our Spirit recording studio here in Manchester.

Paul stopped by to record and film material for some new promotional videos that showcase his talent. During the session Paul covered Paramore’s ‘Ignorance’ and Stevie Wonder’s ‘Superstition’.

Paul has spent the last fifteen years concentrating on music. From rehearsing to gigging, composing to recording, promoting to band managing, tutoring to learning, and purely playing and listening for pleasure; Paul has spent the majority of his time involved with music. His main instrument is the Drum Kit, however he also plays Piano/Keys, Guitar and Bass Guitar. Paul gained a First Class Degree with Honours in Popular Music Performance from Drumtech/LCMM/Wolverhampton Universities, has studied Popular Music Theory to Grade 8 standard and has excellent relative (borderline perfect) pitch.

He is currently touring Europe with Aynsley Lister, a world renowned blues guitarist, alongside his other show/tour projects.

SSR studio assistants and graduate students Adam Stokel and Tom Leach engineered the session, recording a great mix of Paul’s drum takes which were then overdubbed onto the original tracks. The filming and editing was undertaken by Adam and Josh from Feature Phonic Media.

Sessions such as this provide invaluable experience for our students and graduates, and the results are a great testament to their training and education gained at SSR. For more information on our range of courses and how they can get your career in audio and media production off the ground, please click here.
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