POSTED ON – 23.05.12

SSR  - SSR owner features in new Stone Roses book
SSR owner features in new Stone Roses book
As many of you will know, SSR has close links with The Stone Roses going back to our days at Spirit Studios in the Northern Quarter, where the band rehearsed and also recorded some of their early demos.
Stone Roses : War and Peace

Ian Brown and the band have remained close to SSR founder and owner John Breakell ever since, and John was invited to share some of his memories and anecdotes from the bands early days at Spirit.

Entitled “The Stone Roses: War and Peace” – the book is being published on June 7th and details the rise, fall and resurrection of a band that defined a generation.

Originally planned in collaboration with drummer Reni, The Stone Roses: War and Peace had been a year in the making when The Stone Roses announced their reformation. Author Simon Spence has interviewed over 80 of the key characters in the Roses story including their closest collaborators and seven former band members.

John helped Simon fill in some of the gaps in the early history of the group, sharing some funny and insightful stories covering the bands break-in at Spirit to record their demo, unauthorized studio redecorating and the difficulties getting paid for their rehearsal time!

We are obviously delighted that Spirit Studios and SSR have been included in the book and look forward to seeing the printed copies. The Stone Roses: War and Peace will cost £20 and is published by Viking on 7th June.