POSTED ON – 15.03.11

SSR Manchester - SSR staff at HMV's
SSR staff at HMV's "Next Big Thing" Festival
SSR Post Production tutor Sally Hesketh and SSR ‘Studio Assistant’ Victoria Batrak recently travelled down to London to work on HMV’s ‘Next Big Thing’ Festival in Islington.

Sally and Vicky were in the capital at the start of February to work as recording engineers for the music festival. Based at ‘The Garage’ in Islington along with numerous other venues, the festival featured lots of high profile acts performing at the event.

Sally and Vicky captured multi track recordings of each of the performer’s sets at The Garage for later broadcast on XFM in London & Manchester, and throughout the UK on DAB.

Artists performing at the festival, which took place across 6 London venues, included the much hyped James Blake and BBC’s ‘Sound of 2011’ winner Jessie J among others.

Dutch Uncles, who recently recorded at SSR’s Spirit Studio in Manchester, also performed at the festival.

SSR Post Production tutor Sally Hesketh:
“It was great to have Vicky as an assistant on this job - there were times when we were under a lot of pressure and Vicky's fantastic attitude to work, problem solving and her ability to think on her feet and use her own initiative were invaluable. The event itself was great and a real pleasure to be recording big acts for broadcast on XFM.”

Vicky Batrak:
“Without my training at SSR there is no way I would have had the skill set to be able to successfully do a job like this. When I started the audio engineering course in 2007 I had no experience of sound engineering at all. Within the space of two years, thanks to the course content, facilities and staff at SSR, I was able to comfortably work as an audio engineer in a variety of different studios and in live situations. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and am very grateful to Sally and SSR for providing me with the opportunity.”

Vicky completed SSR’s Audio Engineering Techniques & Technology course in 2008 and has remained at SSR as a studio assistant, helping new students get to grips with the studios and technology available to them.