POSTED ON – 20.04.10

SSR Manchester - LGM Records becomes latest SSR Creative Partner
LGM Records becomes latest SSR Creative Partner
SSR, is proud to announce a new creative partner, LGM records. LGM is a record label and music promotion company who are working with some of Manchester’s top unsigned and signed talent. Tipped as a real creative who combines passion for music with a savvy business mind, LGM ‘s Guru Mark Openshaw is being backed by some of Manchester’s leading moguls in the music industry.

Mark approached SSR as the place to record and help launch new breaking bands. In return, students on the advanced stages of our Audio techniques and Technology course are practicing their recording and mixing techniques with LGM bands. This, on top of our links with the Royal Northern College for Music, ensures that our students are working with first class talented artists and making contacts in the industry that can prove invaluable when making those first steps into work.

Head of Audio Martin Desai SSR’s Head of Audio Martin Desai:
“This partnership with LGM has been fantastic for students on phase 3. For our students to get the chance to work with signed bands is a massive plus and one that really develops their skills and expertise.”

Mark has been delighted with the recordings:“I approached SSR as I consider their Spirit Studio to be the best recording studio in the North West, and the top class engineers there really know what they’re doing.

To get the chance to work with SSR to help ensure its students receive the right understanding, knowledge and skills to perform to the professional level required when working with signed artists is amazing. It is great to be in a partnership with such a highly creative, dynamic organisation as SSR.”

Once again SSR’s profile in the Music business ensures that our students are in the best place possible for real world industry training.