POSTED ON – 10.02.10

SSR Manchester - RNCM Concert
RNCM Concert
SSR Live Sound students recently staged a concert for Manchester’s prestigious Royal Northern College of Music.

Featuring 6 multi-instrumented groups of musicians and with plenty of family and friends in attendance, there was a great atmosphere in our live venue and the show was deemed a great success by all involved.

SSR Live Sound students produced, stage managed and engineered the entire show themselves under guidance from head tutor Jay Beard. The concert was also fully recorded with a separate multi-track mix for the RNCM/SSR archives and/or possible future release.

As part of a formal assessment for the RNCM musicians, the concert saw the performers being judged not only on musical ability but also on stage performance, showmanship, preparation and overall professionalism.

A substantial amount of pre-production took place for the shows with the audio engineers from the night working closely with the bands in advance to deliver the best possible sound and mix for the shows, something which obviously paid off as many in attendance commented on the clarity and quality of the audio.

Jay Beard, head of Live Sound at SSR:
“It was great experience for my students to be able to produce their own gig and it turned out to be a really good evening. The bands were all very talented and my guys all did a great job in making them sound as good as possible. Watching my students put on a professional standard concert under all the pressures that come with commercial events made me feel very proud!”

The concert formed part of an ongoing partnership between SSR & RNCM which sees our audio engineering and Film/TV students working closely with RNCM performers in both studio and live environments.

This unique partnership has also seen RNCM’s classical musicians working with SSR head of audio Martin Desai and his students in our flagship Spirit Studio, alongside sessions in our other studios for student projects and productions.