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SSR Manchester - SSR is California Dreaming
SSR is California Dreaming
As part of our unique partnership with Manchester’s Royal Northern College of Music, SSR students have been invited to collaborate on an exciting project that will see the two Manchester institutions teaming up with the California State University of Los Angeles! (CSULA)

The project involves SSR’s audio engineering students recording classical musicians from the RNCM, producing the soundtracks to 13 different animated short films. The animations are based on the ‘Recital’ collection of poems by renowned poet John Siddique, and are being created by the animations department at CSULA.

Manchester based composer Katie Chatburn was commissioned by John Siddique to write the music for the animations and then invited musicians from the RNCM and audio engineering students from SSR to take part in the project:
"It was a great experience to work with students who can adopt such professionalism. The Spirit Studio at SSR is also incredible and I am very pleased with the end results."

SSR student Viktor Sigurjónsson was chosen as the main engineer for the sessions, and had this to say about the project:
“Having the chance to record these sessions with such talented musicians is something that all SSR students will benefit from. The collaboration between SSR and RNCM is invaluable and gives students so much insight on how to work with session players and get some experience working with classical instruments. I’m sure the RNCM musicians also learn a lot from performing here with all the professional facilities and engineers SSR has at its disposal."

The project is likely to please officials on both sides of the Atlantic, as the collaboration re-enforces the formal ‘Friendship Agreement’ established in 2009 between Manchester and Los Angeles. The link between the cities came about after an approach from the 'City of Angels', which was looking for a suitable UK partner to develop links in business, art, culture, science and education. Manchester was (naturally!) chosen by Los Angeles above other UK cities including Birmingham and London, and we at SSR are proud, along with the RNCM, to be contributing to this partnership.

This exciting project has full backing from The British Arts Council, along with the British Council, who have been supporting John Siddique’s residency in California.

The collaboration is part of an ongoing partnership between SSR and the RNCM. Alongside these recording sessions we have also recently held a successful concert for their musicians and our students have been working with individual performers in our studios for their projects.

Having access to such great musicians is a great opportunity for SSR students, meaning they can replace (for example) synthesized string sections with the real thing, performed by highly trained and talented musicians: another reason that SSR’s media education is a step-ahead of that of other media training providers.
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