POSTED ON – 27.10.09

SSR Manchester - Whipped into Shape!
Whipped into Shape!
Alternative electro-rock band The Whip from Manchester recently began rehearsals at SSR in preparation for the recording of their new album starting October 2009.

Working alongside SSR students, the band set up on stage in SSR's own, industry standard Live Venue to rehearse ideas for their new album. This was great news for students on SSR’s Live Sound course, who were once again placed into a professional setting working with a top commercial band.

Jay Beard, SSR’s Head of Live Sound,
“It is this sort of experience that sets SSR students ahead of others when competing for jobs in this competitive industry. SSR’s record for graduate successes speaks for itself.”

Formed in 2006, the band shot to fame in 2008 on release of their debut album, X Marks Destination, which was produced by Jim Abbiss and released on Southern Fried Records in March 2008.

Band member, Bruce Carter said,
“We chose SSR as the place to rehearse as the setup here is absolutely amazing. We’re going to be rehearsing and recording some stuff on stage here and also in Spirit Studio upstairs.”

Craig Sanderson, SSR’s in house commercial engineer and producer commented,
“It’s great to see the Whip at SSR; they’re a local band, and totally original in sound and outlook. The debut album was quality and expectations are high for a successful follow-up. SSR has historically worked alongside some of the biggest names in UK music, people like the Smiths and the Roses, so it’s great that the tradition is carrying on with Manchester’s latest original talent. And if the album is recorded at SSR’s Spirit Studio, then even better for the students.”